The main purpose of my work is not just to make another video clip but to see and show what you really are. I strive to convey the admiration which the groom experiences looking at his beloved one and the warm smile that the bride returns to her husband-to-be. I do my best to sense and capture all the most important heartwarming moments, touches, and glances. Then, while watching your wedding film, you will be able not only to see but feel and relive this special day of yours.

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My promise to you

I promise you that your wedding film will be a true story of your feelings. You will not have to play to the camera, to force a smile, or simulate some behavior. I will help you and your fiancé to reveal your true self, be natural, as well as focus on your mutual feelings and pleasant emotions.

You will forget about me and my cameras and focus on your love for each other. What brings you together? What unforgettable moments have you already experienced together? What wonderful life awaits you together? Think about it while I am filming, and you will be happy with the result.

Laugh, cry, give hugs to each other, kiss, make each other laugh, or do whatever you wish – this film is your story only, and I will help you create it.

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Pascal & Merily

While filming, I will reveal you as you really are. I will assist you in showing your beautiful feelings for each other and in creating a true story of your love. The film will become the first most valuable video in your family archive. A year later, it will become invaluable.

Anastassia & Anton

I will always take heed of your ideas and prompt how to implement them in the best way possible. I will offer my ideas for filming sessions as well. Every couple in love is unique. This phenomenon inspires me to create something special – a wedding film you will admire.

Liis & Mikk

Emotions, tears, warm atmosphere, and intimacy – I show all this in your wedding films. As a result, they are sensual and warming. You will long for watching them again and again to relive all these moments.

Love Story

Love-story is a professional photo and/or video filming of your romantic walk. Together, we will be able to choose the best walking route to beautiful and interesting locations, come with a special story plot or just show your feelings as they really are. As a result, you will get professionally processed photos or video film about your best moments together.


We create natural and emotional wedding photos and wedding films for creative and classic weddings. You can choose any package and pay for our services two months after the wedding, without interest or hidden fees.

Emotional day - 1200€*

Package includes: 2 operators + drone. Thanks to the work of two operators, not a single important event of your celebration will be missed. The video will reflect the growing emotions of the newlyweds on their wedding day. We capture all the moments of joy of the bride and groom, as well as their friends and relatives. The shooting from the air will diversify the film – this will make it much more dynamic and exciting. The video will contain solemn speeches of guests of the holiday and musical accompaniment. We use professional equipment for the best sound recording of speeches during the whole ceremony. A minute teaser is also included, which will be shown at the festive evening itself.

  • Film up to 20 minutes + trailer 5 minutes
  • Teaser 1 minute
  • Drone
  • Shooting day 12 hours
  • Production time up to 4 months

Documentary - 550€*

Package includes: 1 operator + drone. The film conveys key moments of the wedding day from morning wedding preparations to the very first dance. While watching this video you will be able to feel all the touching moments of your special day again. The video will contain solemn speeches of guests of the holiday and musical accompaniment.

  • Film up to 15 minutes
  • Short film version up to 3 minutes
  • Drone
  • Shooting day 10 hours
  • Production time up to 5 months   

Memory - 490€*

Package includes: 1 camera, 1 operator. The film will convey the most important and beautiful part of the wedding from morning wedding preparations to the end of the work schedule. The video will be performed with musical accompaniment.

  • Film up to 7 minutes 
  • Shooting day 8 hours
  • Production time up to 5 months  


Phone: +372 55 72 109
Email: info@rahufilm.ee
Address: Tallinn, Estonia, Narva mnt. 51

You can always contact us in any convenient way for you, ask questions, arrange a meeting, send your design assignment or just come to have a cup of coffee in our office! Call us, write to us, and come around! We guarantee – you will enjoy cooperating with us!

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